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About Me

Originally born and grew up in Beijing, China, I moved to the US in 2011 to learn and pursue a career in computer graphics and arts. Since then, I have been deeply attracted to the discipline.

Currently working in the animation film industry as a lighting and compositing TD, it has been my most satisfying moment to see the digital environments and characters come to life in my renderings, and I've alway been amazed by the passion and dedication people put in to push the boundary of craft in visual storytelling. 

One of my favorite things about being an artist is that it constantly keeps me curious about life and open to the possibilities of what can be created. Besides working in animated film production, I have also been exploring and expanding my practices in areas like fine arts, illustration and graphic designs, all of which helps me learn and grow as an artist. I'm always hungry to learn new skills, and exhilarated to explore and experiment. 

Feel free to reach out and I'm looking forward to speaking with you. | 203-848-9921

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siran liu

Me wearing a sweatshirt I designed 

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